Winners of Konica Minolta Picturesque 2017 Contest


The Konica Minolta Picturesque 2017 contest saw 11,581 entries from photographers all over India, with varying backgrounds. The initial elimination round was judged by Mohit Kaval, Marketing Manager for Konica Minolta India, and K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor of Better Photography magazine. Fifty pictures were shortlisted in each category by them, after which the final judging was done by industry veterans Girish Mistry and Ian Pereira.

Apart from being featured in Konica Minolta’s annual calendar, the winners in each category will receive an award of Rs. 10,000, and the the runner up across all the themes will get Rs. 5000.

“I was a little surprised,” said Girish after the winners had been selected. “I have judged numerous competitions, and am pleased to say that the submissions were quite impressive.” Ian was in agreement. “It was difficult to determine the top images because the submissions were just that good,” he said.

They also offered some critique based on their observations of the entries. “Some people got a very good shot,” explained Girish. “However, they walked away from the scene far too soon.” He felt that one should dwell over a subject for as long as they possibly can to experiment with their frames and perspectives. “In other cases, the shot would be good,” said Ian. “But the contestant would fall short during the post processing.” However, both agreed that there was a lot of thought behind the images made by the top contestants in each of the categories.

Winner: Sanjiban Ghosh
Age 48, Mechanical Engineer, Kolkata

I made this picture by placing the three glasses in front of a laptop screen displaying the colour pencils, and filled each of them with water to obtain this effect.


Runner Up: Priyank Dhami
Age 33, Pharmacist, Rajkot

A dull day at work turned out to be fruitful when I decided to pass the time with my camera. This image is of water condensation occurring in a plastic bottle.


Automobile HDR
Winner: Debasish Chakraborty
Age 43, Teacher, Kolkata

On a weekend trip to Purulia in West Bengal, I spotted these Chhau artists carrying their costumes on a bike. Chhau is a form of tribal dance and martial arts.


Runner Up: Sanjay Makhijani
Age 28, Banker, Surat

I was making pictures on the outskirts of Surat when I witnessed some beautifully tinted monsoon clouds. It was the perfect backdrop for this modest car.


Winner: Sandeep Yadav
Age 33, Director of Photography, Mumbai

Driving through Nalsarovar at dawn, distant, raucous calls caught my attention. I came upon a vast field of birds where the mist made the scene captivating.


Runner Up: Ketan Vikamsey
Age 50, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

I photographed this Jerdon’s leafbird near Bangalore. Besides the reflection, the flutter of its wings and the spray of water makes it a complete picture for me.

Winner: Rachit Chandreshkumar Shah
Age 33, Software Engineer, Vadodara

We were on our way to Pangong Lake in Ladakh when we spotted these Himalayan marmots. Fortunately, they were rather unperturbed by me and my camera.


Runner Up: Gagan Kaushal
Age 42, Doctor, Karnal

Made at Singapore Zoo, the piercing eyes of this aged orangutan inspired me. I wanted to depict him as a person and not an exotic animal.

Winner: Sandeep Verma
Age 36, HR Professional and Photographer, New Delhi

I had conceived this image of the Lotus Temple with its clear reflection in my head, days before I visited it, and managed to create exactly what I had imagined.

Runner Up: Gagan Kaushal
Age 42, Doctor, Karnal

I wanted to capture the essence of Venice as the world recognises it. So, I shot the Grand Canal from the Ponte dell’Accademia bridge one evening.


Night Photography
Winner: Sirsendu Gayen
Age 39, Teacher, Kolkata

This was made at Darjeeling railway station as the sun was setting. While the engine parked, headlights from vehicles in a car shed illuminated the misty scene.

Runner Up: Gagan Kaushal
Age 42, Doctor, Karnal

I specifically booked a hotel room looking over the Dubai Marina so that I could witness both the dazzling skyscrapers and the busy water body below.


Play with Light/ Shutter Delay
Winner: Samyak Kaninde
Age 36, Software Engineer, Pune

I used the long exposure to capture both the egret and the roaring river to show the calmness of the bird and to smooth out the rapids of the water body.

Runner Up: Kallol Mukherjee
Age 39, Government Employee, Singur

I had been observing the blue-tailed bea-eaters for years before I managed to capture this image by the Damodar river. Fortunately, it turned out exactly the way I had imagined it.

The Great Indian Marketplace
Winner: Rakesh Vilasrao Rawal
Age 43, Owns a Photo Studio, Mumbai

The high vantage point, relatively empty street and the torrential rain helped create a distant and solitary atmosphere in the otherwise busy streets of Bombay.

Runner Up: Dipayan Bose
Age 25, Photographer, Kolkata

Shot at a market in Kolkata, the young boy worked tirelessly to arrange the heavy sacks. It struck me how not all of India’s markets are colourful and lively.

Winner: Sourav Das
Age 30, Businessman, Kolaghat

One afternoon, I came upon my paternal grandmother wistfully gazing at her own wedding photographs. Moved by her sense of nostalgia, I made this picture.

Runner Up: Nikhil Shastri
Age 32, Wedding Photographer, Bengaluru

I was making pictures of the couple at a crowded beach in Goa when I realised I could use it to my advantage. It took countless attempts to get this right.

Winner: Chinmoy Biswas
Age 41, School Teacher, Kolkata

The vertical pattern of the jute-stalkings and the oblique horizontal pattern of the boats, as well as the vastness of the place, inspired me to shoot the image.

Runner Up: Debaprasad Roy
Age 66, Photographer, Kolkata

After retiring as a banking officer, I took up photography full-time. I made this image of labourers near a stone crusher factory in Pakur, Jharkhand.

Winner: Ambily Pravda
Age 59, Photographer, Kochi

I wanted to offer a glimpse of how a simple household in Kerala manages during the monsoons. My neighbour’s home seemed to hold that essence.

Runner Up: Pranab Basak
Age 46, Telecom Engineer, Kolkata

On my way to Barrackpore, I witnessed these boys playing amongst the jute sticks. Their widespread arms seemed to imitate the stacks arranged around them.

Winner: Amruta Dilip Karnik
Age 30, Commercial Photographer, Mumbai

I wanted to make an image that brought out the charm of the colour blue. I felt that the fresh cream complimented the blueberries and napkin rather well.

Runner Up: Haresh Patel
Age 45, Studio Manager, Mumbai

We got home this fish for dinner one evening. Since I particularly enjoy photographing food, I paused the meal preperations to shoot this in my home studio.