When You Reach for the Star!


Our Final Jurors

With three varied shooting styles to decide from, the judges had their work cut out for them. In a closed room discussion, the two experienced photographers had to sift through 105 images to decide which contestant’s work ultimately held their attention. They looked for orginiality in thought, a unique vision and how creatively the situations had been utilised. Keep turning the pages to find out who won the Mercedes-Benz CLA!

Swapan Parekh Photographer

Swapan Parekh

Swapan Parekh

With a career spanning over decades, Swapan Parekh is widely acclaimed to have brought in the documentary aesthetic to Indian advertising photography, whilst simultaneously pursuing contemporary bodies of personal autonomous work.

“When Prashant and I looked at the final works, we were enthused to see one body of work clearly stand out from the rest. Here was a photographer trying to foster his own vision and give a ‘soul’ to this undoubtedly beautiful machine. A case in point for all the other participant is, this body of work chose to inspire instead of impress the viewer.”

Prashant Godbole Founder & Creative Director, Ideas@Work

Prashant Godbole

Prashant Godbole
Founder & Creative Director, Ideas@Work

Prashant Godbole’s minimalist photographs are influenced by his background as an Art Director in advertising. Over his 24 year long career he has worked at many advertising agencies, and now runs Ideas@Work.

“Overall, we found that our winner had consistenly experimented and pushed the envelope in terms of his imagery. He made the effort of going beyond what he had done in the first round. This is what made him our winner, as we could clearly see the drive and determination to be different.”

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