Toehold Wildlife Portraiture Contest—Winners and Honourable Mentions!


Eight weeks and almost 4500 photographs later, we are proud to announce the winners of the competition, representing the very best in wildlife portraiture featuring mammals, birds and reptiles. Not only did we receive an exceptional number of entries, but also we were elated by the creativity and efforts put in by every participant.

After an intensive selection process, our judge, Jayanth Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, Toehold has chosen the following as the top three winning images and the three honourable mentions of the Wildlife Portraiture Contest.

First Position

Swaroop Singha Roy

Swaroop Singha Roy, Kolkata

“I went to the Simlipal National Park, Orissa with an idea of creating a low-key portrait of the Asiatic elephant. The bright ambient light made it impossible for me to get the desired image. It was after the giant tusker stood under a tree, that I was able to successfully get the play of light and shadow in the picture.”

Photograph / Swaroop Singha Roy

Photograph / Swaroop Singha Roy

Swaroop Singha Roy is an aspiring nature and wildlife photographer who is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in mass media.

Second Position

Rupak De

Rupak De, Lucknow

“A massive male gharial with his newborn hatchlings is an extremely rare sight, as it is always the female who provides parental care. I photographed this species to create awareness about their endangerment.”

Photograph / Rupak De

Photograph / Rupak De

Rupak De is a member of the Indian Forest Service and has been a Principal Chief Conservator of Forests for 36 years. He loves to photograph wildlife and has been a fellow of the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Third Position

KS Manju Mohan

KS Manju Mohan, Bengaluru

“To shoot a perfect silhouette, I had to follow the wild ass until I got the perfect frame with a clear sunset, and minimal haze.”

Photograph / KS Manju Mohan

Photograph / KS Manju Mohan

KS Manju Mohan is an entrepreneur by profession who loves to photograph in the wild, especially the big cat species.

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