The Very Best of Tamron Chellenge 2020


Tamron Challenge 2020, powered by Better Photography, saw a multitude of fantastic images that were submitted across five diverse categories. Here is a look at our esteemed judging panel and some of the very best photographs selected by them.

Entries for Tamron Challenge 2020 began in the first week of January, and closed at the end of February. The contest saw a total number of 925 participants, and 6228 images across five varying categories—Emotions at Weddings, Macro: an Unseen World, Portraiture: the Joy of Faces, Street: Everyday Life, and Wildlife: Untamed in the Wild.

Each of these genres require a certain level of expertise. To ensure a fair process, Better photography assigned two
judges for each category, both of whom are accomplished professionals in their respective genres. After an initial round of shortlisting by the Better Photography team, the judges looked at the top 30 images in their respective categories. After five contentious days, our panel of six narrowed down the selects to the most compelling photographs submitted to the contest.

The winning images are a display of talent, presence of mind, and heart. Each of the photographers have a keen understanding of how to tell a captivating story through a single image. All category winners will receive a Tamron AF 70–300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2 lens, and the runners up will receive a photographer’s jacket, along with other Tamron merchandise.

Our Esteemed Panelists


Emotions at Weddings

Winner: Sourav Das
Businessman, Kolaghat

One afternoon, I came upon my paternal grandmother wistfully gazing at her own wedding photographs. Moved by her sense of nostalgia, I made this picture.


Runner Up: Plabon Das
Kolkata, Software Engineer

Bengali wedding ceremonies include a ritual known as jol shoi, where women from both the bride’s and groom’s side walk together to collect water from a nearby river or pond. This image was made during one such procession, which was accompanied by song and dance. When I noticed the statue of the gorilla, I quickly positioned myself across it, in anticipation of an amusing moment.


Macro: An Unseen World

Winner: Roshan Lal
Ranchi, Government Employee

I was at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park in Jharkand to study the hunting behaviour of weaver ants, when I witnessed two of them carrying the exoskeleton of a jumping spider. It was quite a sight for me, as I had never observed something like this before, and I moved quickly to capture them.


Joint Runner Up: Aroon Kalandy
Kozhikode, Government Employee

For me, the moment when the ant approached the (naturally occurring) pearl-like drops, I was reminded of how a macro view of a small section in my yard could be a world in itself.


Joint Runner Up: Rakesh Ranjit Jadhav
Mumbai, Office & Events Assistant

It was quite windy when I was attempting to make this picture, and as the cobweb swayed, the drops of water on its strings glimmered like little stars. After a while, I finally managed to capture a sharp picture of the two spiders across their shimmering web.


Portraiture: The Joy of Faces

Winner: Barun Rajgaria
Purulia, Businessman

I was enraptured by this charming friendship of the young woman and her puppy. Photographed on a rather chilly day at Hariharpur in Uttar Pradesh, she wrapped herself and the dog in a blanket, holding him close, trying to keep the piercing cold at bay for both of them.


Runner Up: Kaustav Sarkar
Kolkata, Photographer

This photo was taken on a winter morning in Varanasi. My aunt was sitting across from me in a boat while we were on the Ganges, feeding migratory birds that were visiting the city. There was an instant where one of the birds attempted to perch on her head, and although my aunt may have felt startled, she appeared quite amused.


Street: Everyday Life

Winner: Sudipto Das
Kolkata, Photographer

The weather was fairly overcast in Varanasi when I came across this woman, resting against a painted wall, waiting for a pause in the intermittent drizzle. While this made for an interesting frame by itself, I decided to hang around a little longer. Fifteen minutes later, the clouds parted to give more light, and the lady began to walk away. That was the moment I’d been waiting for.


Runner Up: Karthikeyan Gnanaprakasam
Chennai, Business Analyst

I was looking to depict the issues people in Chennai face due to water shortages in the summer, when I came across this scene in Old Washermanpet, where a young girl was getting a water container filled by the man in the truck. In order to emphasise the situation, instead of photographing the scene as it was unfolding, I pointed my lens at the puddle at their feet to photograph their reflections.


Wildlife: Untamed in the Wild

Winner: Haresh Patel
Vasai, Graphic Designer and Photographer

We were on a safari in Sena, Rajasthan, when we observed a leopard trying to hunt gray langurs. It was fascinating to watch the monkeys tease the predator, confident that it wouldn’t be able to reach them where they were. The disgruntled animal stayed there for a long time, refusing to peel its eyes away.


Runner Up: Santosh Kumar Jana
Contai, Wildlife Photographer

A newly hatched olive ridley sea turtle is seen attacked by a red crab at the Gahirmatha Beach in Orissa. These crabs are otherwise known to be timid creatures, but here, they reminded me of how ruthless the natural world can be.

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