Cellphone Street Photography Powered by Godrej GP Portable Powerbank–The Winners!


Congratulations to all the nominees of Cellphone Street Photography Powered by Godrej GP Portable Powerbank. Here are our Honourable Mentions as well the Winner of the Contest.

Honourable Mentions:

Photograph/Kamal Rana

Photograph/Kamal Rana

Stretch it Out
Kamal Rana, New Delhi

What made me shoot this: At a local park in Puducherry, I observed health enthusiasts engaged in various forms of exercise. What fascinated me was how this scene was layered with people doing the same thing in different postures.

What I learnt: Once you know a picture is forming, you should spend a lot of time at the place until you are able to capture it.

Shot with: HTC One S

Photograph/Pratiksha Suryawanshi

Photograph/Pratiksha Suryawanshi

Pensive Moods
Pratiksha Suryawanshi, Mumbai

What made me shoot this: I have always liked the architecture of this particular building in Mumbai and the man sitting outside, perfectly complimented it. I also like the confidence of the man staring directly into my camera without being conscious.

What I learnt: Take your time composing the frame. It is just as important as timing.

Shot with: LG Nexus 5

Photograph/Sibasis Dhar

Photograph/Sibasis Dhar

In Splits
Sibasis Dhar, Kolkata

What made me shoot this: Early mornings at Park Street, Kolkata, are filled with different types of activities. When I saw these athletes training, I observed a pattern emerging. The divider pole perfectly added symmetry to the stretching athletes.

What I learnt: Don’t take photography too seriously. You will need to clear your mind to find patterns and symmetry in a frame.

Shot with: Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM

And the Winner Is!

Photograph/Shambhavi Ratnam

Photograph/Shambhavi Ratnam

Say Cheese!
Shambhavi Ratnam, New Delhi

What made me shoot this: Everything came together perfectly in the making of this image. As soon as I whipped out my cellphone to photograph these children, they started mimicking my action with their own toy camera. The gentleman dressed as Charlie Chaplin in the background simply elevated the frame.

What I learnt: Moments don’t require high-end gear to capture them. You should not miss a great scene because you feel you don’t have the ‘sufficient’ gear.

Shot with: Nokia Lumia 620

Congratulations! The winner will receive a 6000mAh Godrej GP Portable Powerbank, and their photo, along with the Honourable Mentions have been published in the April 2015 edition of the magazine.

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