Cellphone Photos—Monsoon: Winners & Honourable Mentions


This month, we challenged you to photograph the dramatic mood of the monsoon season through your cellphone photographs. Here’s a look at this month’s honourable mentions and winners of the Monsoon Cellphone Photography Contest powered by Godrej GP Batteries.

Don’t forget to participate in the ongoing Cellphone Waterscapes Photography Contest powered by Godrej GP Powerbank.

Honourable Mentions

Photograph/Panchali Kar

Photograph/Panchali Kar

The Distant Glow
Panchali Kar, Kolkata

What made me shoot this: There was something dreamy about how the reflection of the red light on the drenched surface, merged with the bluish colour of the evening sky. The entire sketch-like quality of the scene reminded me of watercolour strokes.

What I learnt: Sometimes the most abstract moments make for unique and memorable photographs.

Shot with: Lenovo A706

Photograph/Anish Ghosh

Photograph/Anish Ghosh

Wandering Soul
Anish Ghosh, Howrah

What made me shoot this: I was walking on the road when I came across a puddle on the pavement. I liked how the leaves reflected on the surface of the water. However, I wasn’t satisfied with just this, and so I waited patiently for a person to pass by. It was then that I shot the image.

What I learnt: Good frames can be found anywhere, even in a puddle.

Shot with: Samsung Galaxy Grand


And the winner is…

Photograph/Harsh Mehta

Photograph/Harsh Mehta

Dancing in the Rain
Harsh Mehta, Ahmedabad

What made me shoot this: The little boy, gleefully rotating his umbrella in the rain, reminded me of my childhood. I liked how the neighbouring street light illuminated the umbrella, and made it appear like a giant rotating top.

What I learnt: When I reviewed all the images that I shot, I realised that I had very few images where the composition and lighting were right. It made me realise that I should plan my shots beforehand, and not shoot continuously without thinking.

Shot with: Apple iPhone 3GS


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