What Photographers Should Not Do on Facebook


Neha Mutreja lists some common mistakes that you must avoid while promoting your photography on social networking websites.

The popularity of social networking has meant that the importance of Facebook and Twitter has grown several times. These websites are popular  where photography is put up, discussed and dissected. But then, though these websites seem easy to use, there are a few common mistakes that most people end up doing, and these are what you must avoid.

Leaving Your Profile Empty  
Add all essential details like contact information and the link to your work, so that potential clients can get in touch with you easily.

Tagging People All the Time
Instead of tagging people all the time, set up a Page or a Group, which lets you send regular, but well- spaced out updates.

Being Unsure of Technical Parameters
Since there are chances of theft, it is better to upload low resolution files.

Creating an Organisational Mess
Instead of uploading random images on to Facebook, segregate them into the right folders. Give eye catching titles to your albums to generate curiosity and organise your work well.

Not Being Selective
Do not use Facebook as the dumping ground for all your other photos. Be selective in what you post.

Ignoring Interaction
Do not make a few updates and then forget about the Page. It is important 
to keep in touch with people too, as this increases goodwill amongst your followers.

Using Ugly Watermarks
This is a measure taken by many photographers, but they detract from the visual appeal of an image. Facebook is a great tool to market your work, but clarity of thought and a smart, but subtle strategy are the two most important things than can make your work popular. Most importantly, your work should speak for itself. The best marketing strategies can prove pointless if your photography is not exciting.