Six Coffeetable Album Marketing Ideas For Wedding Photographers


Albums are a quintessential part of wedding photography. And yet, to ensure that an album becomes a powerful marketing tool for your practice calls for a bit of innovative thinking.

Always Push the Idea of a Coffee-table Book Album
Especially as a beginner in wedding photography, most do not include an album in the overall budgets of a wedding assignment to make the costs seem lower. This is not a good idea. An album is that one physical presence that gets the family to remember the photographer every time it is opened.

Never Compromise on Quality
Whether the album is small or a large, quality of design, print and binding is paramount. You do not want the binding coming apart after a year and the client remembering you for the wrong reasons.

Offer Customers a Choice
Make sample albums as a portfolio of your own work. They also usually get your customers to spend on a bigger albums too.

Offer to Make Two Albums
The main wedding cofeetable photobook album can be filled with many photographs. A second, smaller one could be one that is easily viewable on any occasion.

Ensure You are Remembered
Do this by publishing your name as the photographer and album creator in a visible part of the first or last page of the albums. You can also put in a small portrait of yourself and your logo along with it, and the name of your website and contact details.

A Year Later, Make a Special Anniversary Gift
When you edit the photos to give to your customers, keep a small set of 20 portraits of the couple and their families. This set should not appear in the main wedding album. A year later, on their anniversary, make a special present to the family. Present them with a small but beautiful album of these pictures. They will be remember you for this gesture.