Quirky Ideas for a Successful Exhibition


Do you want to exhibit your photographs, but in an unconventional way? Raj Lalwani discusses a few unique ideas.

How many times have you walked into an exhibition gallery and exclaimed, “Wow”? Do you dream of the day when others would walk into an exhibition space and say the same thing about your photographs? Well, you surely need great pictures to begin with, but you can try a few interesting tricks to get your exhibition to stand out, so that it remains fresh in people’s memories.

Using Mixed Media
Do you write or do you prefer sketching the world? Or would you much rather explore videos when you are not shooting photographs? Use other interests to create a multimedia exhibition.

With People from Other Disciplines
Even if you do not engage in other artistic activities yourself, you may know some really talented people who do. If they are interested in the same subject, you can collaborate with them for a project. For example, while you may have shot photographs of the monsoon, a poet may have written lovely poems about it and an artist may have made an abstract watercolour on the season.

Let the Prints Differentiate the Feel
Most exhibitions stick to the conventional sizes of 18 x 12-inch or 30 x 20-inch prints. If you plan the gallery layout in an interesting manner, you can play with these dimensions to make your exhibition stand out. For example, imagine walking in to a gallery that has a wall-sized print. Its sheer impact will guarantee you remember it for a long time!

An Insider’s Perspective
You may have shot some great photographs, but your perspective is, eventually, one-sided. To add some perspective to the overall exhibition, you can take permission to exhibit pictures shot by others along with your work. For instance, if you have shot pictures of a city like Mumbai, you can request a local historian to share images of the same places, but shot several years ago.

At Unusual Places
With the right kind of permissions, you can consider venues where people spend a lot of time, or any place that they pass by frequently. It could be a mall, coffee house or even a subway. Consider putting up your work in the open. You can put up prints on a promenade, inside a park or even put up a slideshow on a big screen!

The sky is the limit. All you need is a great portfolio and a creative plan!