CEIF 2018: In Conversation with Raman Agrawal, Nikita Distributors


Raman Agrawal, Nikita Distributors

What is your stall number at CEIF 2018?
Our group companies have totally 3 Stalls, one for Godox Lighting Equipment, one for Nisi Brand Creative Filters, one for Vanguard Photo Video Products and other Photography Products

Please provide a short statement about your company, your division and about your presence at CEIF 2018.
Nikita Distributors is one of the largest Photography Accessories distributors, under Nikita Distributors we have brands like Vanguard, Godox, Nisi, Saramonic, Sekonic, Sunco, Gudsen Moza, Andbon, BlackRapid, Lillput. We have over 250 Professional Photography Dealers all over India. We work with these dealers through our 10 Branch offices and 25 On Field Sales Team. Our focus is not to offer the most expensive products or the least expensive, but to offer the value for money product which meets the requirement of customers. Our strength is the top quality customer service.

  •  What are the most important products at your stall?
    We are launching a completely new range of Camera Bags, Tripods, Gimbal System (Moza Air), Sekonic Light Meters, Godox AD600 Pro ETC
  • Are there special sections or displays at your stall that visitors can look forward to?
    Yes, we are offering hand on experience to customers and there will be live Photography Workshops
  •  Are there special on-the-spot offers you will be making to visitors at CEIF 2018?
    As a distribution company, we do not involve much in direct selling. But still there will be normal discounts.
  • Even as markets get more specialised, what do people look for today, in terms of your product categories? 
    As market is shrinking, we are focusing more on Professional Products (requires special skills to use), as Professional Products is mainly used by Professional Photographers, we see a stable business in coming days. Also the gap of Photography and Cinematography is also reducing and we see more common products for both the industries in coming days.
  • In hindsight and from your experience, if there are issues that need to be resolved for India to take more significant strides into the future, what would those issues and their solutions be?
    Securing retailers interest is very important. The way brands are operating currently, dealer is making very small margins and because of that, retail space is reducing day by day.


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