How Photographers Can Market Their Wedding Photography Online


If you are a wedding photographer and wish to grow your business, the world wide web is a great space to explore. Raj Lalwani tells you how.

Your photography skills are only one of the many factors that determine your success as a commercial photographer. In this new age of competitive business, the best way to attract fresh clients is to think ‘new age’. The internet is a magic wand that can help you reach out to maximum people and expand your photography business manifold.

Why Internet?
Everyone uses the internet today. This makes it the easiest and quickest medium to spread the word, especially if you want both quantity and quality and exposure in a budget.

Target a Specific Audience
First, decide your target audience. Who are your potential clients? What location do they stay in? Are you willing to shoot in other cities or would you want assignments only in your hometown? Are you trying to target a rich middle-class family in Mumbai, or one in Meerut? Analyse this in depth. Then decide your plan of action. Whether you are promoting your work on a matrimonial website or using the power of social networking.

Create a Presence Online
Ensure that your target group is aware of your presence and the kind of photography you do. It is usually the first point of communication between a photographer and a client. However, while making it creative, remember to ensure that it is fast. This is particularly important, because internet speeds vary from region to region.

Choose the Right Pictures
Be selective while uploading a portfolio on your site. There may be times that a picture may not appeal to you photographically, but the moment would be so lovely that the couple and family would find it heartwarming. Some moments may be cliché, but are considered important to most families. Include these on the site because while 
good technique is always impressive, the person looking at your site is usually the bride who is getting married or a close family member. If you strike a chord there, they will immediately approach you.

Make a Personalised Promo
In wedding photography, the most significant aspect is trust. Since you are documenting the most important day of someone’s life and are likely to spend at least an entire day interacting with the family and guests, prospective clients should get a glimpse of your personality and people skills. To do this, simply create a personalised promo! Get an assistant to video shoot while you are working on an assignment. Showcase your style, philosophy and beliefs and even the way you go about your shoot. The way you conduct yourself in the promo is what will help you connect to your audience. Intersperse this video with your best wedding photographs, and upload this promo not only on your website, but also on sites like YouTube.

Explore the Power of Social Networking
Social networks are great marketing tools that can help promote your business. Social networking is a boon because 
it allows you to establish a two-way communication with your client before you actually do business with them. When you update your portfolio, a number of people get a message informing them of the same, even those who do not know you directly. Be proactive, and always polite—your online personality is a good indication of your offline one.

Become ‘Searchable’
When anyone wants to search for any sort of information on the internet, the first source is always Google. If you understand how the search engine works, it can do wonders to the number of people who ‘find’ your work. Use keywords to attract maximum people. If you tag every picture with terms like ‘wedding’, ‘marriage’, ‘shaadi’, ‘photography’, ‘photographer’, ‘ceremony’, your site comes up often enough in web searches. Also, the title and strap line of your website is important, since this is the first thing that Google picks up while searching and sorting websites. Innovation is important not only in your photography. An inventive approach to online marketing can really boost your photography business. So go online and start clicking!