CEIF 2018: Predictions from Vitec Group


We asked Marco Pezzana, Photographic Divisional Chief Executive, Vitec Group if he could tell us some of Vitec’s plans for the near future. Here’s what he had to say. 

Obviously, with Vitec being a quoted company, I cannot disclose the details of future plans.

Nonetheless, I am happy to share two thoughts:

  • About 40% of Vitec photographic revenues are driven by new products each year. Our commitment to innovation is king and we will continue to develop new and better products even faster in the future
  • We believe that India has great potential to grow in the future both because of its macro-economic development and because…it is simply a photographic paradise! We are committed to support our business partners, professional and hobbiest users in this exciting journey of discovery and growth, thus you can except to see even more Experience Zones, educational activities and new dedicated initiatives dedicated to this market in the future.
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