CEIF 2018: Predictions from K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography


With an exponential increase in data consumption, thanks to service providers like Jio, the rate of acceptance of basic technologies and services will see a massive growth in a few years. What does this mean for prints? Will it finally be the end of printing? It’s value, in fact, will grow manifold the moment it becomes easier to access data quickly. It’s not about data speed as much as it is about the value of a memory… Not about how quickly we can go back to a point in time with a mobile device, but that we will be reminded all that much faster that those moments indeed exist… Not as much racing through a large set of still moments from one event, but that a single moment can be selected easily, studied, and looked at. And also that we will value, more than ever, the simple, inescapable permanence of a print over the distractions offered by a screen, regardless of how good that screen gets.