CEIF 2018: In Conversation with Abhishek Bhatnagar, HP


Abhishek Bhatnagar, HP

What is your stall number at CEIF 2018?
D1 & D2

Please provide a short statement about your company, your division and about your presence at CEIF2018.
HP Indigo is showcasing various possibilities in Digital Photo printing segment at Photofair in BEC, Mumbai. The company is showcasing its vast portfolio of industry leading digital printing innovations and highlighting the potential for Photographers and Lab/Studio owners. HP focusses on the importance of innovation to maintain profitability for their customers.

  • What is the USP of your company and which is your major focus during the show?
    HP is uniquely positioned to fulfil the need of India Photo printing industry its rich digital printing portfolio. We believe in limitless possibilities with HP Indigo digital printing.  All our innovations and initiatives are designed towards helping our customers remain profitable and explore fresh revenue streams.
  • What are the most important products at your stall?
    We are happy to introduce some of the very new & interesting things this year in Photofair.  There are some new innovations & announcements which want to share with our Indian Photo industry during this Photofair.
  • Are there special sections or displays at your stall that visitors can look forward to?
    Yes we will be having special sections & display areas spread all across the stall. We will be having our customers stalls partnering with us from all parts of the country and showcasing variety of albums & photo solutions. Apart from it we will be having special sections for B2 Size Photo albums, Consumer Photo prints, League of Champions etc..
  • Are there any product demonstrations, or events at CEIF2018 (time, dates and locations), or elsewhere in Mumbai, that you would like to share with our audience?
    Yes there will be a live printing demonstration on our HP Indigo Digital Press and also having series of Theatre presentations by industry experts during all the four days of Photofair.