A Questionnaire for Wedding Photography Success


K Madhavan Pillai lists down a few questions that will determine whether you are ready for getting into the wedding photography business or not.

Wedding photography is both lucrative and satisfying. However, the intelligent photographer in today’s competitive scenario will need to do much more than to simply manage group picture at the reception. Here are a set of questions for you to answer. Each positive answer will give you one point. Each negative answer will give you two negative points. Total the score to find out how well you are geared up. Once you have totalled up your final score, refer to the end of article for a reference of where you stand.

1. Do you have a ready, targeted presentation, which you are continually improving upon?

2. Do you have a range of sample wedding albums with your work in it, that you can show your clients?

3. Do you have a standard contract document?

4. Does the contract allow your the flexibility of promote yourself using the pictures from the wedding?

5. Have you made strong back-to-back agreements with all your service providers? Do you maintain your relationship with them?

6. Do you research the venue, speak with the wedding organisers and select your vantage points well in advance?

7. Is research on the traditions and rituals of the wedding a part of your standard operating procedure?

8. Do you insist on being introduced to the various family members so that they are later comfortable with your presence?

9. Do you arrive at the venue at least two hours before the event begins?

10. Do you have a detailed plan on how and when you will be purchasing or upgrading your equipment?

11. Are you aware of the ‘style’ of your photography? Is it apparent to your clients or just to yourself?

12. Can you verbally explain or defend your style of shooting strongly?

13. At the venue, do you have a strong set of do’s and don’ts for your assistants?

14. Have you managed to sell at least one, strong innovative idea to the family? For example… on the spot photographs and prints to every guest, or a new style of wedding album?

15. Do you make your final delivery of your selection of pictures within two days of the wedding?

16. Do you offer your clients the option of helping the family to make the final selection of pictures that goes inside the album?

17. Do you keep in touch with the family after the assignment is over?

18. Do you send the couple a unique anniversary gift, year over year?

If your score is above 14: You are perfectly geared for success. You can easily improve in the few small areas that you find yourself lacking.

If your score is from 8–13: You have some work to do, but you are almost there. A few weeks of effort should see you improve your systems to take on a promising future.

If your score is from 0 to 7: You need to rethink on the way you conduct your business, and put in a lot of effort to work on your weaknesses.

If you have a negative score: You are not in a state of readiness for a good future in wedding photography.