Tamron on Providing the Best Products and Solutions to the Indian Market

Nitin Goyal—President & CEO, Tamron India Pvt. Ltd.

Nitin Goyal—President & CEO, Tamron India Pvt. Ltd.

At the 2016 Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair in Mumbai, Tamron will be having one of the biggest booths at the event, where we are expecting a large turnout of photographers. For the last seven years, Tamron has been one of the most consistent exhibitors at the event and what we have noticed through these years is a growing trend of not only the number of photographers coming to the show but also the variety of photographers visiting the event.

This year, we will be displaying our complete line of photography lenses, along with “New eyes for industry” products which will include CCTV cameras and lenses, CDSC lenses, test elements, half cut lenses and more. Additionally, we will also be providing our visitors with the opportunity to test and use our lenses under the supervision of a renowned mentor. Visitors will also be able to use the Tamron lenses on their personal camera bodies.

Over the years, there have been revolutionary changes in photo imaging technologies and we have ensured to keep up with the changing trends. We ensure to always be at the forefront when it comes to providing our customers with products having the latest features, are light weight, compact, features the latest technology, best optical design and affordable solutions. The road to achieving this is certainly not an easy one. In comparison to popular camera manufacturing companies in India, Tamron is comparatively new to the Indian market. We have been operating in India for the last six years. We have faced a few challenges along the way, but have countered them with the best solutions.

Our first obstacle was covering the wide spectrum of the India. This includes our sales network and reaching out to the end users. Hence, we began focusing on increasing our coverage in the Tier-2 and 3 cities. We plan to do this by importing goods and selling it directly to numerous distributors, who were earlier restricted by import licenses. Our second obstacle was increasing our brand recognition. We realised that there were many end users who were not aware about Tamron and its products. With limited time and funds, it was not an easy task to achieve. As a result, we decided to adopt Above the Line and Below the Line marketing campaigns, CEIF being one of the main participants here. Lastly, our third task was to find a solution to the trend of camera companies offering double lens camera kits at very aggressive prices, especially for beginner camera models. We found this to be restrictive of our beginner’s lens range. However, we have dealt with this issue by introducing one of our groundbreaking lenses, the AF 18–200mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC launched in the Indian market at Rs. 17,900 only. This lens was conceived based on the Indian market.

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