Sony India on Innovative Products that Exceed Expectations

Mr. Kenichiro Hibi

Kenichiro Hibi, Managing Director, Sony India

The CEIF 2016 is a platform where the entire digital imaging fraternity comes together to demonstrate the latest offerings in the market and introduce new technology for the customers. The pace at which market is evolving, it is imperative to showcase your offering at important trade shows, such as CEIF which contribute to the overall growth of the digital imaging industry. We want to showcase the most innovative line-up of our cameras and give hands on experience to customers. We believe it is an appropriate opportunity to further catapult the dynamic developments in the industry.

The change in technology has made the customer more digital and to keep pace with the market, it is imperative to adapt the technology. At Sony, we believe in innovation and strive to make products which are customer-friendly as well as make that transition from traditional to digital very easily. Our aim is to create technology which is beyond customers’ expectations.

For the upcoming show, we would be promoting our full-frame interchangeable lens cameras and professional camcorders. At the show, we plan to give hands-on experience of our latest cameras like ILCE-7RM2, ILCE-7SM2 & PXW-FS5 to visitors so that they can fully understand our technology.



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