Kingston on How They Plan to Increase Their Market Reach in India



Vishal Parekh—Marketing Director, Kingston Technology, India

Vishal Parekh—Marketing Director, Kingston Technology, India

For Kingston, CEIF has been a good platform to showcase our USPs and prowess, specifically to the photography enthusiasts, cameramen and videographers. This year, we will also be looking to create awareness about the use of Solid State Drives for editing and rendering photos. It is important for the end users to understand the benefits of all the newer technologies and make informed decisions. With CEIF 2016, we hope to create opportunities for future growth.

In 2015, we had quite a few products launched and updates announced, most of which were directed towards the photography industry. In CEIF 2016, we expect a lot of photography and videography enthusiasts and we will be showcasing products that will help them enhance their skills and make the most of it. Amongst these are our high speed SDA3 SD cards, SDCA3 microSD cards, high speed USB 3.0 USB drives, DataTraveler microDuo 3C dual USB drives and more. That’s not all, while most cameramen require professional editing and rendering on systems, Kingston’s Solid State Drives help them reduce their work time by more than 10 times. Hence, we will also showcase our newer SSDs like the UV300 SSD, V300 SSD, HyperX Savage and Fury SSD.

With regards to how the changing technology has impacted our consumers… India is a dynamic market with respect to most industries. As mentioned earlier, the country is known for its creativity. When there is an innovation or a major change in technology, there is an evident change in the customer’s way of doing the same things to achieve more with less or similar resources. For example, with faster and higher capacity flash cards and flash drives being available, there has been a shift in consumer buying trend from 8GB capacity to 16GB or 32GB capacities, and from Class 4 flash cards to Class 10 or UHS-I cards. Our experience shows that people in India do not mind paying something extra when they get better quality. In fact, Indian consumers are becoming more aware of the options available and definitely want better products. This has directly helped improve our position in the market.

For every creative challenge, there has to be a creative solution. India is a big volatile market and this only shows the potential for growth. However, it also becomes a challenge sometimes to create awareness about the newer technologies and newer products that we introduce for the larger good, like the UHS-I U3, DDR4, USB 3.1 and USB 3C. Though Kingston has seen success to some extent with the help of channel partners, media initiatives and educational campaigns, we expect more engagements on this front. The more number of customers that become aware of the available products and solutions, more would they benefit in their business. Also, given the size of the nation, we are working on making our products available at more and more regions. Being a channel friendly company, we encourage our channel partners to engage with logistics partners and e-commerce players to have a better reach.

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