Industry Experts Make Their Predictions!—Part 4


“Virtual Reality will enter mainstream consumption. With Oculus Rift, Google glasses, Microsoft and Samsung’s push towards making VR technology better and cheaper will ensure that this technology can become mainstream in a few years. The advances in hardware and software are accelerating. This has potential to impact almost all business and interactions – imagine seeing a wedding in VR after the event is over. The opportunities and mind boggling.”

-Prabhala Raghuvir
Founder and CEO, Brown Box Imaging Pvt Ltd

“Non-print applications like ebooks will enter in pro-segment, especially in weddings. Consumers need a secure sharing solution to share their pictures and videos. Current photobook solution is complex, time consuming and not suitable for sharing.”

– R Ganesh, Director and Country Business Manager, Kodak Alaris India Private Limited
– Shammi Gupta, Managing Director, Jindal Photo Films Limited 

“Since the technology in the photo imaging industry is changing rapidly. We predict the disappearance of CDSC, considering that last year saw a 50% dip in sales of CDSC. On the other hand, smartphones are raging forward with their great quality, features and sharing options. Customers are gradually becoming very demanding and are seen frequently upgrading their phones. This means that the average life span of phones is not more than three years maximum. However, despite this, we feel that smartphones will not replace DSLRs.”

– Nitin Goyal
President & CEO, Tamron India Pvt. Ltd. 

“Skilled/Professional photography will be on the rise and this will ensure the growth of the DSLR and higher-end compact camera market tailored for specific needs. We will see the development of photography per say in India. People will be moving on to different lenses and we will see the growth of photography enthusiasts.”
-Andrew Koh
Vice President, Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India
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