Industry Experts Make Their Predictions!—Part 2


“Print is here to stay. No screen can take away the tactile feel of a physical substrate. History is proof of this. Ever since the computer was invented we have been talking about a “paperless” world. But the fact remains that paper consumption is growing. Of course, people are more aware and concerned about the environment and more paper now comes from sustainable forests compared to earlier times. And print, in turn, will drive investments, in post-print finishing and converting equipment.”

-Vimal Parmar
DGM, Marketing—Digital Print Media, TechNova

“The cloud will become the core IT: At least 50% of IT spending will be cloud-based. 50% of enterprises with more than 1000 users will use cloud access security broker products to monitor and manage their use of Software as a Service (SaaS) and other forms of public cloud. Therefore, reflecting upon the growing recognition that although clouds are usually secure, the secure use of public clouds requires explicit effort on the part of the cloud customer.”

-Sainath Shetty
Business Manager, Creative Peripherals & Distribution

“We forsee an increase of market share in the mirrorless camera category. The movie-making feature will be one of the main highlights in mirrorless cameras. Youngsters will be more attracted towards the mirrorless systems because of its size, features and price. “

– Nitin Goyal
President & CEO, Tamron India Pvt. Ltd. 

“There will be a growth in solution-based requirements from the B2B segment. Whether corporate or government, there are projects that will need more technology based solutions. Also we see specialised SI working in this area. With new innovative products & technology we see a lot of scope coming up in this segment.”

-Bishwarup Mallick
Business Head ‐ Camera & Binocular, Ricoh India Limited

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