Industry Experts Make Their Predictions!—Part 1


“DSLRs will come with new and advanced features in the form of better wireless connectivity, more editing features, zoom and telephoto lenses will make a move towards the high range of lenses, the size and weight of DLSRs will continue to reduce and will  very likely feature higher megapixels and high tech sensors.”

– Nitin Goyal
President & CEO, Tamron India Pvt. Ltd.

“We think that photography will soon shift from being viewed as a luxury item to an item that forms an integral part of communication. By doing so, the price for gear will also gradually become more affordable.”

Director, Shetala Agencies Pvt Ltd

“There will be a much competitive business environment in terms of govt. levies, to ensure a smooth and competitive local market and make it comparable to the global market. This seems to be the way forward with the policies.”

-Bishwarup Mallick
Business Head ‐ Camera & Binocular, Ricoh India Limited

“The role of photography education will see a big increase in India. We strongly believe that as long as there is an interest in photography, the industry will continue to flourish.”

-Andrew Koh
Vice President, Consumer Imaging and Information Centre,
Canon India

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