CEIF 2016 Product Spotlight—KODAK Alaris Photo Printers


Kodak 7000

KODAK 7000 is a high speed printer that offers a world-class detailed print quality. It offers 3 different print sizes- 4×6 inches, Bordered 5×7 inches and Borderless 6×8 inches. These printers are as easy to operate as KODAK’s kiosk printers and come with a Ribbon Optimization Technology that helps in waste reduction. The KODAK Xtralife II prints from 7000 lasts a life time and are water proof and stain resistant.

Kodak 305

Kodak 305

The 305 printer from KODAK are portable, light weight and perfect for companies who offer ID and event photography services. This front loading printer offers two sizes-4×6 and 6×8, and two finishes- satin and gloss. KODAK 305 has an efficient airflow and cooling system that reduces dust related problems in the photographs.

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