Brown Box Imaging on the Future of Visual Storytelling

Prabhala Raghuvir, Founder and CEO, Brown Box Imaging Pvt Ltd

Prabhala Raghuvir, Founder and CEO, Brown Box Imaging Pvt Ltd

We, at Brown Box Imaging Pvt Ltd will be launching MediaPix Media-Books at CEIF 2016. MediaPixMediabooks  aims to fundamentally change the way stories of life’s important events are created and shared. A Mediabook is a powerful and new way of telling the story of an event or a product. It is a multimedia book that combines still pictures, video, audio and text to create more impactful stories.

The Mediabook can be shared securely through a dedicated free mobile app called MediaPix, which is available on the both iOS and Android platforms for both phones and tablets.

We are a new age imaging start-up who have launched our product under trials in Q4, 2015. After seeing the response to the concept, we have decided to launch MediaPixMediabooks nationally at CEIF 2016. Our expectations from this trade fair are to be able to demonstrate the product to as many photographers as we can, and collect their feedback. We are also looking at tying up with channel partners and business associations in some key markets.

There are three big trends in the consumer market that have a big impact on the imaging industry. The first one is the rise of social media as a vehicle for sharing stories. The second the explosion of smartphones and 3G connectivity. The third, and less understood trend, is the increasing importance of video. Both Facebook and Snapchat have been driving this trend hard.

These trends, put together, have had an enormous impact on the way wedding images are shared. For today’s selfie generation, pictures and videos have no relevance unless they can be shared. This is leading to consumers not showing much interest in getting their albums/photobooks made, even though they have paid for them.

We aim to take advantage of the changing technology trends and consumer behaviour and provide a solution that best meets the needs of the Indian consumer. We have created a new category called Mediabooks. A mediabook is a multimedia photobook that contains images, video, text and web-links to tell a more powerful story of weddings or any event. And these mediabooks can be distributed widely, globally, at no extra cost, using a dedicated and secure iOs and Android app called MediaPix

MediaPix is the word’s first multimedia photobook sharable app and we are proud that this innovation has come from an Indian company.

From the perspective of the business we are in, the three key challenges we see are:-

  1. The lack of clarity / plethora of taxes in India: We think GST will provide a solution to this and also provide a level and clear playing field. That will also enable us to serve different markets easily and to create the right distribution infrastructure.
  2. The lack of clear incentives for start-ups to bring innovative products to the marketplace: The Government of India has announced that they will come out with a new policy for start-ups in January this year. We hope that it will provide a clear direction and incentive for companies like ours to create new and innovative products and solutions and take risks.
  3. A more clear vision for ‘Make in India’: We are a home grown imaging start-up and have a product that we think has global appeal. This business is also manpower intensive with good prospects for employment generation. Also, most of today’s photobooks are produced on imported high value equipment. We want the government to expand ‘Make in India’ to include such services and encourage / incentivise us to global.


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