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What is Intent?

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Is it necessary for a photographer to have a significant intent while making an image? Answer by: David de Souza, Photographer and …


Tip of the Week: Observe the Changing Scape

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As night falls, the sky changes its colour from shades of orange and red to purple, blue and then finally to a …

Ask The Expert

Which Gear You Should Invest In?

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Cellphone cameras are becoming quite sophisticated and are competing with DSLRs in the market. What kind of gear would you advise a …


Dream A Little Dream

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Our thoughts are a lot like the moments that we encounter and record using the camera. They appear without any intimation and …


Maybe We Are Not Meant to Understand Light

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In a spread in Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art, John Szarkowski discusses the …