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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Basic Kit Lens

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K Madhavan Pillai lists out some compelling reasons for choosing the humble kit lens over its hugely priced, large aperture, high-end siblings.

Staring Through a Viewfinder

K Madhavan Pillai

“…where more is understood in an instant of relating quietly within the confines of a frame.”–K Madhavan Pillai

Realisations on Contrasts and Change

K Madhavan Pillai

I love Mumbai. It struck me on my second day at photokina, in Cologne, Germany. More than being home to my family, …

An Undeniable Photo of the Dying of Dreams

K Madhavan Pillai

“I should have left this page blank, for once.”–K Madhavan Pillai

Why Should Photography be any Different?

K Madhavan Pillai

“Do photographers believe that they are cut cut from a different cloth?”–K Madhavan Pillai

Ten Eco-commandments for Photographers

K Madhavan Pillai

K Madhavan Pillai lists down 10 eco-commandments for photographers. Are you eco-friendly?

When Does a Photograph Stop Being a Self Portrait?

K Madhavan Pillai

“If every image is a reflection of who you are as a photographer, the question to ask is if you recognise who you see in that mirror.”–K Madhavan Pillai

The Minimalist Approach

K Madhavan Pillai

In February 2011’s editorial, the Editor talks about the meaning and interpretation that we associate with images.

Good Photography is Always a Choice

K Madhavan Pillai

“Photography stands apart from other arts, because it is impossible to replicate the work of another photographer, or even a single photograph.”