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A Tool for Change

K Madhavan Pillai

Our brains are wired for visuals. A much larger part of our reflexes are connected to what we see. If I ask …

On the Infinitesimal, Fleeting and Momentary

K Madhavan Pillai

“Happenstance. A situation that gets noticed out of thousands that don’t, each day.”–K Madhavan PIllai


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Basic Kit Lens

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K Madhavan Pillai lists out some compelling reasons for choosing the humble kit lens over its hugely priced, large aperture, high-end siblings.

A Private Photo Gallery with a Difference

K Madhavan Pillai

“I was pleasantly aware of being one of them… anonymous, alone and on my own clock.”–K Madhavan Pillai

Staring Through a Viewfinder

K Madhavan Pillai

“…where more is understood in an instant of relating quietly within the confines of a frame.”–K Madhavan Pillai

The Joys of the Small Print

K Madhavan Pillai

“It presents itself quietly, by simply existing somewhere in the fringes of our consciousness.”–K Madhavan Pillai

The Pros and Cons of Photographic Decadence

K Madhavan Pillai

“In the impersonal melee of getting a picture, a dialogue with the subject, and with oneself, and a critical sense of judgement is often lost.”– K Madhavan Pillai

Discovering the Wonderful Joy of Books

K Madhavan Pillai

“There is a beauty to an old book, or even an old paperback novel, which you will certainly not find with an old iPad.”

It’s in Asking Why

K Madhavan Pillai

The Japan section of the Dubai Photo Exhibition, organised during the Hamdan International Photography Awards, almost moved me to tears—a very rare …

A Year For Our Own Leaps of Faith

K Madhavan Pillai

“The last year has been that of space odysseys of a different sort, and photographs from millions upon millions of kilometres away.”

An Undeniable Photo of the Dying of Dreams

K Madhavan Pillai

“I should have left this page blank, for once.”–K Madhavan Pillai