Quick, Versatile, Professional: Flash Lighting Modifiers


The very best professional light modifier kit for flashguns need to be scientifically developed, given to various creative possibilities, and designed for operative speed… Introducing the Digitek Flash Bot system.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the basic rules remain the same. Photography is about the subject, perfect placing and timing, and about light. Each of these have their own rules of engagement, so to speak. Often, especially in portraiture, still life, interiors and architecture, just as it is with event and wedding photography, there is not much you can do to change your subject. But, you can reposition yourself, change your angle of view, and release the shutter at just the right moment. However, the very biggest, and the most dramatic difference is in how you use light.

Flashguns have become the tools of choice for many advanced photographers, with good reason. They are small, portable, powerful, quick, and can be finely controlled directly through the camera, including the angle of throw and direction of the light. In fact, a lot of these features are unavailable with larger studio flash units.

Yet, flashguns are also limited in their own way. What truly expands the creative scope of a flashgun are light modifying accessories. High key or low. Slightly diffused or very soft. Warm, cool, or a splash of vivid colour… These are just few of the choices that make the difference between beginners and advanced exponents. In the hands of someone adept with light modifiers, the creative scope is almost unlimited.

Not all brands and types of light modifiers are the same though. Scientific design, ergonomics, and quality of materials, and, of course, then the cost… These are the biggest factors. This is where Digitek Flash Bot improves over other brands in a very significant manner. It is not just the very best starter kit for beginners in terms of range of attachments and accessories, quality and cost, but also allows an expanded scope of creativity for professional user as well.

The Digitek Flash Bot kit universally fits all flashguns and speedlites, across brands. All its attachments can be fitted instantly, using high powered magnets, so that there is no chance of it falling off, even with knocks and bumps during professional use. It is sturdy, and constructed ruggedly out of engineering plastic, to last for years. It is also sleek and modular, and looks professional, and high-end.

An extremely important aspect is the materials used to make the light modifying accessories. It is durable and able to withstand years of regular use without a change in the colour characteristics of the materials, allowing photographers perfect, reliable consistency. Speaking of colour, the Digitek Flash Bot kit comes with 8 colour filter gels, that are calibrated for both adding and correcting colours. What is absolutely unique, though, is that the filter holder allows the combination of more than one filter, to creatively deploy a large variety of colours, by a creatively inclined photographer.

The Digitek Flash Bot kit is ideal for a variety of uses, including professional weddings, pre-weddings and outdoor photography. With the Flash Bot, you are ready to modify light absolutely anywhere, at any time.

Secure, Simple, Magnetic
Flash Bot Grip

This revolutionary Flash Bot Grip is magnetically enabled to provide a quick, easy attachment method for modifiers, while being powerful and secure. Say goodbye to noisy Velcro and cumbersome straps forever.

Soft Lustrous Light, Every time
Flash Bot Sphere

Speedy photography is possible with this omni-directional flash diffuser, where the coverage of light is broad, but amazingly soft. Diffuse further, and subtly change overall white balance or tones with the inbuilt gel slot.

Powerful, Directional, yet soft
Flash Bot Bounce


Its white, textured silicone has been carefully designed to deliver the softest possible light with a bounce, but with the highest output, so that the flashgun’s power, or overall brightness, is not significantly decreased.

Beautifully Diffused Spot
Flash Bot Grid

Moulded from a single piece of silicone rubber, the Grid is designed to optimise the beam pattern, to provide soft but even light coverage within a limited space, and to effectively eliminate unwanted light spill.

Quick and Extremely Versatile
Flash Bot Gel Mount

Within a few seconds, you can quickly and securely stack gels to modify colours or precisely correct white balance or change tones, even in challenging lighting conditions. This is a new, unique concept with flash gels.

Creative & Surprisingly Precise
Flash Bot Gels

This large set of professionally made and calibrated colour gels give you the freedom to add, modify, or creatively enhance colours within your images. Available gel colours are Lavender, Cyan, Rose, Coral, Amber, Aqua, Pink & Lime.

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