Portable, Durable, Eco-friendly: Professional LED Video and Ring Lights


Digitek launches its series of LED Video and Ring Lights that has incredible power output, as well as offers spectacular range of colour temperatures.

From left to right: LED Ring Light DRL-18H, LED-D520 B Combo, and LED-D416 Combo.

For decades, the challenges of creating a perfect light source for photographers and videographers have been many. Maintaining perfect colour balance (earlier possible only with a flash unit), intensity, control over intensity, longevity of operation, portability, and ease of use—these factors have been the holy grail for research over decades, now possible with LED based solutions.

Digitek has been one of the few companies who offer highly innovative, convenient, cost effective products that adhere to all these requirements, making Digitek products the perfect solution for professionals, seasoned practitioners, and enthusiasts alike. Introducing the Ring Light DRL-18H, LED-D520 B Combo, and the LED-D416 Combo—smart, versatile solutions for professional and commercial photography and V-log video use, for portraiture, fashion, documentaries, interviews, or even for specialised use for controlling perfect make-up or as light sources for viewing and maintaining perfect colours.

LED Ring Light DRL-18H

The Digitek Bi-Colour LED Ring Light DRL- 18H has a special LED SMD design that incorporates 240 pieces of LED bulbs and hot shoe adapter. Its 180° rotation angle makes it easier to find the perfect light for the shoot, and it can also be mounted to a grip head or a light stand. The device is capable of emitting exceedingly soft light that creates exquisite near-shadowless effect, a boon for portrait photography. Its Stepless Adjustment for colour temperature can excellently maintain the product tone, and also emphasis the minute details of a subject. The ring light is available in three size variants—6-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

LED-D520 B Combo

The Digitek LED-D520 B Combo is a fine addition to the company’s professional LED video light series. The device is remarkably lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The portable and compact light has been constructed using premium LEDs. Thus, it ensures to deliver continuous light source for a longer duration. The design also gives users a wider lighting range and brighter light output.

The level of brightness can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. It is a perfect option for professionals and serious enthusiasts who constantly shoot indoors, as well as outdoors.

LED-D416 Combo

The Digitek LED-D416 Combo has been designed keeping the varied needs of videographers, as well as photographers in mind. The light’s unique construction makes it extremely compact in size and lightweight, which is ideal for those who constantly travel for shoots.

The LED-D416 incorporates high-end, professional LEDs, enabling it to produce extremely strong, vibrant light. It also gives exceptional results while filming indoors. The device’s continuous light source eliminates the red eye effect that is caused by the flash.

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