Be a Storyteller for Nature with your Photographs



Photograph by Shivang Mehta

Look around you and there is beauty waiting to be captured, stories waiting to be told through your lens. Parrots conversing on the parapet, the occasional visit of a scurrying squirrel, the beautiful sea that works its charm as a backdrop to the concrete of the city, the impressive topography of our country decorating the earth with its inexplicable beauty. From Kashmir to Kerala, from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh, India has myriad hues of forests, wetlands, deserts, mangroves, coral reefs thriving with wildlife, marine life, flora and fauna. Imagine if you could capture the beauty and tell the future generations about the enchanting bounties and stories of nature?

Five things you need to become nature’s storyteller–

  1. A Camera: if you are a photography enthusiast, you will perhaps have a DSLR to capture the beautiful landscape. But to tell a story, you can also do it with your smartphone.
  2. An eye for detail: it is essential to observe and absorb before you release the shutter. God, as they say, is in the details.
  3. A story: when nature is your subject and you capture it with the right technique, weaving a story just comes naturally.
  4. Staying true to the image: when documenting nature, it is imperative that one doesn’t stray from the essence of the scene during post-processing.    
  5. Share and bring happiness to the world by telling the mesmerizing story of nature.

Photograph by Mohammad Iqbal

Being a storyteller of nature has great advantages given the need for preservation and conservation. Stories told through photographs can have a great impact in terms of spreading awareness and sensitising people about various issues related to environment and wildlife conservation. One such platform is provided by the YES BANK Natural Capital Awards (NCA) which recently announced its fourth edition. The Awards aim to recognise individuals, corporates and institutes that have made natural capital preservation a priority.

Since its conception, the awards have garnered popularity and witnessed a participation of over 10,000 wildlife & natural history specialists, sustainability professionals, Government, corporates, international diaspora, and multilateral agencies in the previous year. The awards have a vast reach across the country with a following of more than a million users, spreading awareness regarding Natural Capital.  

Photograph by Praveen Purohit

After the success of its previous edition, NCA 2018 has included a special category, titled ‘Capturing the Ganges’. The purpose of this new addition is to help support the ‘Namami Gange’, flagship conservation programme for rejuvenating the river Ganga under the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).

The Awards acknowledge the medium of photography and storytelling for encouraging greater stakeholder interest in conservation of nature and wildlife.

Apply now for the YES BANK Natural Capital Awards and share the goodness of nature and also stand a chance to win cash prizes.

Yes Bank and Better photography magazine have struck a partnership for the Natural Capital Awards 2018.

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